Deadlight Repair

I’ve been frustrated for years with the deadlights (fixed ports) on my Triton. As anyone with similarly-constructed ports will tell you, they are not easy to install so that they don’t leak. Especially (in my opinion) if you use silicone as recommended.

A recent Good Old Boat article discussed the use of double-sided foam adhesive tape made by 3M. They call the tape VHB for Very High Bond. The author of the article used the tape to install his ports and was pleased with the results. I used nearly the same tape (3M part number 5962) as described in the article, although the tape I was able to find in stock locally ( was 1″ wide, which worked out fine for me.

First I had to remove the ports and frames. They came off fairly easily. Even though I had tried twice to install the deadlights, I think I may not have used enough sealant both times. I also saw that the silicone did not adhere real well to the acrylic port lenses, but I guess silicone typically does not bond strongly to the acrylic.

Triton Deadlight Frames

Deadlight Lenses


I brought the lenses and frames home and used Digesil from RPM Technologies to chemically remove all traces of the silicone – or so I hoped!

Removing silicone

I used both a brush and a putty knife to apply the Digesil gel. I also used the gel on the sides of the cabin where the deadlights were installed. After letting it sit for a while, I washed the Digesil off and cleaned the frames up using a grinder with a wire wheel.

Clean deadlight frames



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