Repair Log

I had hoped to get down to the boat in the AM, but I ended up doing some work in my basement workshop before going to the boat. I’m happy that I now have use of the bandsaw I acquired some time ago, and I mounted my grinder on the stand I got for it a while back.

Once at the boat (after a stop at WM) I replaced the mizzen outhaul so I don’t now have to take the boom off to bend on the mizzen! I also replaced the mizzen sheet with a slightly smaller one (in diameter).

I used some hardware I got recently to mount a block on the aftmost stanchion for the furler line. I also put a bracket on the bow pulpit to hold the Danforth anchor. Not sure if it will stay there, but it gets it out of the cabin for now and it’s now in a place where it could be deployed easily.

I tried to mount a padeye on the boom to extend the lazy jacks, but the padeye I had did not match the holes I had tapped previously.

Next work day (maybe the earlier part of the day on 8/9 or 8/11) I’ll choose from the following projects:

– Install a padeye to extend the lazy jacks to a 3-branch system

– Attach a bail to the mast and a bracket on the boom for a vang

– Investigate converting the outhaul (main boom) from rope/wire to all rope, and add a block to route the line to the bottom edge of the boom, to allow:

– Install a 4′ section of T-track for reefing blocks

– Loosen stern pulpit, caulk underneath, then:

– Install dorades on after deck

– Install handrails on the coach roof

– Change the engine oil and the fuel and oil filters


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