Boat and bike stuff for sale

February 20, 2011

I realized recently that I have acquired a bunch of stuff for projects that sounded like a good idea at the time but I now realize I’ll never complete. So, here is my first pass at identifying some of that stuff to offer for sale. At this time I am not offering to ship these items. Pick-up only near Boston, MA.

Boat stuff for sale:

Dickinson Diesel Heater

Bike stuff for sale:

Dahon Mariner 16″ Folding Bike | Parts for a Folding Recumbent ProjectUsed 20″ Rear Wheel w/Deore Cassette hub

Dickinson Newport Diesel Cabin Heater

Dickinson Newport Diesel Heater and parts

I bought this heater and associated parts used, and I have never installed or attempted to use this heater. I believe all the parts are there but I can’t know for sure. There are several parts including flue pipe, trim ring and outside cap. In addition to what you see here, I also have a brand new burner assembly that has not yet been installed.

If you were to purchase all this stuff new it would run you over $900 :

Since I am selling it all as-is, I’m asking $495.

Dahon Mariner 16″ Folding Bike

My other passion (besides sailing) is bicycling. I bought this bike to store on the boat. I actually bought two and I plan to keep the other one – unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse for the pair. It has 3 speeds and 16″ wheels instead of the current models which have 20″ wheels. I find the bike with the smaller wheels easier to store. There’s a gel pad on the saddle and a cover that goes over the bike for storage. Both have seen better days. I’m a former bike mechanic so this bike will be spiffed up and tuned up for the buyer. Cost for a new one (which is admittedly a very different bike) is around $500. You can pick up this one for $149.

Parts for a Folding Recumbent Project

Not really boat parts, but . . . Some time ago I purchased a bunch of parts from someone who had built a folding recumbent but then parted it out. What you see here is an aluminum frame built up from a Dahon P8,  an Actionbent fiberglass seat , a fork with brake studs which is NOT a Dahon-sized fork (I planned to make some modifications) and a Dahon-sized 20″ front wheel. Asking $249

Used Rear 20″ Wheel – Deore cassette hub

Alex Rims DA16 rim with Snafu Dirtbox tire. 135mm spacing. Removed from a Rans Rocket. Presta valve. Quick release. I never used it – looks to be in very good condition. Minimal. $70