Spinnaker for sale – SOLD!

October 10, 2010

This spinnaker has been sold.

A while back I purchased a traditional spinnaker from the owners of Triton 448. I first thought I might use it as-is (forgetting that I have a shorter rig than a Triton sloop) and then tried to get it re-cut as an asymmetrical, which didn’t work out. So now it’s for sale!

The spinaker is in very good shape. The top and bottom bands are a baby blue, above/below those are sky blue sections, and the middle is yellow. The numbers are in yellow just above the yellow section. On the bottom 12″ or so there is some faint red coloring, probably from the orange spinnaker launch bag that comes with the sail. On the bag it says: 448   3/4 oz. SPINNAKER   KENNETH WATTS SAILMAKER TORRANCE. The luffs of the sail are 34′, and the foot is about 17′ 8″.  The rings at each corner are reinforced with leather. There is a nice bronze swivel at the head.

I went to the Sailrite site and they will charge you over $600 for a spinnaker for a Triton sloop – and then you have to assemble it! So it seemed like $195 would be a good deal. Buyer pays shipping. You can leave a comment on this post if you’re interested.


Future Project?

October 9, 2010

About two years ago I heard that a Triton owner in New Hampshire had decided to break up his Triton (hull number 407) and sell off the parts including his trailer. I purchased a number of items from him including a set of opening ports and a mast. I had the mast installed (with new standing rigging) on my boat last year.

Since he was cutting up the boat, I asked him if he would sell me the cockpit settees with hinged opening hatches. He actually gave them to me for free. So I’m considering installing them at some point down the road since the plastic cockpit settee hatches that came with my boat are not ideal.