The rest of 2009

June 25, 2010

I began this blog with great ambition, but found it’s not easy to document every sail and other event in the blog.

At this writing (July, 2010) I can’t recall any memorable sails last fall. What was memorable was when I wanted to have my boat hauled out.

In the first few weeks of October I signed up to have my boat hauled. There were only one or two weekends in that month that I didn’t have other commitments. I came down on the morning of the day I was planning to haul, and was told that the hauling for that day had already taken place, around 7:30 am. I was puzzled because there was a high tide in the middle of the day, until I realized that there was a Patriot’s game that day. The person in charge of hauling didn’t want to miss the game.

That pushed me off to the second to last weekend. I came down hoping to haul but there were too many people signed up. The following weekend was the last of the month. I was all set to be hauled, but it got too windy and the hauling operation was shut down. That was the right choice, but it meant that I wouldn’t get hauled until Sunday, November 1st. The launch was supposed to stop running on 10/31, but the ran it the next day just for the people who were hauling.

My boat was hauled with no difficulties on 11/1, and I ended up with a place that would allow me to go in early. But of course I came up with a project (stripping the bottom) which would keep me from going in until early July.