Gimme Shelter

December 1, 2001

Tikvah #59, circa December 2001

(Some of the pictures below were taken with a video camera, so they aren’t as sharp as they could be.)

Here’s how she looked on her first anniversary in the Milton Boatyard (my driveway). She sits under a shelter I’ve constructed from 1″ x 2″ and 6 mil plastic (called ‘clear’ – more like ‘translucent’). I’ve sanded off most of the gelcoat from the cabin, cockpit and toerail. The interior sanding is mostly complete. There’s two structural problems I’m dealing with here: the soggy core in the port foredeck, and the compressed core under the mast step.

At this point I’m getting onto the boat from a ladder at the stern, so here’s how it looks to me when I step aboard.

tikva012602_13.jpg (224170 bytes)
tikva012602 37.jpg (203823 bytes)tikva012602_14.jpg (213676 bytes)

Stepping over the poop deck into the cockpit, then the cockpit from the reverse angle. Moving forward . . .

tikva012602 20.jpg (217694 bytes)

When you turn around out on the foredeck you’ll see the reinforcement I built to pull the lower fiberglass skin back up into place. The skin was also broken through. Here the top skin has been cut off and there are several screws pulling the bottom skin up.┬áHere’s a close-up from below where the mast step would be.

tikva012602 36.jpg (188045 bytes)

tikva012602 21.jpg (212018 bytes)

By chance I found that a significant portion of the port side of the foredeck core was wet. I drilled numerous holes to determine the extent of the problem. Then I took the circular saw and cut off the top layer of skin. The brown circle near the center of the photo is where the trouble started, and it’s how I discovered the wet core. There was a semi-circular crack in the paint. I pried it up, and found this circle of either epoxy or polyester that was not adhered to the core or the top skin. It seems to have been used to try to put epoxy/polyester into the core, probably to cure delamination. Instead this hole allowed water to enter and spread.

tikva012602 24.jpg (184964 bytes)

The sanding on the interior is mostly done. The flaking, peeling paint is just about gone. I had to sand down to the original layer of sprayed-on green-and-yellow-speckled stuff, since that had turned to power. It seemed to be causing the paint to lift. In some cases I think the paint used was just bad. The salon had about 8 layers that had to be stripped and sanded off.

tikva012602_17.jpg (225815 bytes)

tikva012602a.jpg (235571 bytes)

tikva012602b.jpg (203904 bytes)

tikva012602c.jpg (177818 bytes)

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