Lots of grinding and a little paint

May 1, 2001

May 2001

(Most of the pictures below were taken with a video camera, so they aren’t as sharp as they could be.)

Through most of the winter and spring I was removing paint, using stripper for the first few layers (when the temperature allowed) and sanding the rest. There were at least 8 coats in the salon, and they were all coming off. I had decided that I was going to focus on the salon, and the head and v-berth could wait. In my shop I was also stripping and repairing the wood trim (mahogany and teak).

When I saw that spring and potential launch time was coming closer, I decided to do some quick painting. The idea of learning to work with two-part polyurethanes was too much for me at that point. I hadn’t removed all the hardware on the side decks, nor had I done much patching. I just splashed on some primer and some Brightside, and I was about to call the boat carpenter to come install the coamings as agreed. The painted portions looked much better, but not good enough.

Tikvah 05 2001 2.jpg (223474 bytes)Tikvah 05 2001 4.jpg (224448 bytes)

Tikvah 05 2001 7.jpg (276035 bytes)Tikvah 05 2001 9.jpg (250442 bytes)

Tikvah 05 2001 10.jpg (191868 bytes)

The down-and-dirty paint job did not do the trick for me. More work would be needed. I ended up sanding off the painting I had done. I later removed all hardware and filled all the cracks and holes and gouges.

tikva012602 17.jpg (225815 bytes)

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